So What's This About?

The Beatmarket is the musical productions of Chaz Barker; DJ, producer, record collector, and electronic and sample based music technician.

Bangin Beats since 1986, The Beatmarket currently uses a combiation of Vintage Samplers and Drum machines, with new Digital DAWs. The combination of old and new produces a powerful ensemble.

The Beatmarket wants your unused gear!

If you are in the lower mainland, and have old samplers, drum machines, keyboards, synths, even 80's and early 90's computers that have been colecting dust, are broken, or only semi-working; Donate them to The Beatmarket. Many internal parts of these macnines can be used to breath life back into other early gear.

Of course you can always donate a fully working piece as well -- Just send me a tweet or message me on Facebook